BiLL LAB Employment

Graduate Research Assistants

  • 9-10 month positions
  • Work may include data collection, coding and analysis, possible presentation and writing of research, and attendance to lab meetings

Undergraduate Research Assistants

  • Hourly work, variable from week to week
  • Flexible hours
  • Spanish-English bilingual a plus

Volunteers and independent study students welcome

  • Gain experience and credit working with bilingual children or adults
  • Present your research at local and national conferences
  • Have one-one-one interaction with Dr. Restrepo, graduate students and lab staff
  • Participate in lab meetings

Research Assistants

If first time employed at ASU:

  • Take new employee package to HR with work permit or citizenship proof

International students:

  • Must obtain a social security number.
  • Cannot exceed 20 hours a week
  • Languages and culture students must obtain a letter from program director
  • Must obtain letter from Dr. Restrepo
  • Take forms to Human Resources
  • Take letter to Student employment office