Previously Funded Projects

LARRC - Language and Reading Research Consortium

Gray, S. (ASU PI); Restrepo, M. A. (ASU CoI)

(Funded by IES, US Dept of Education, 2010-2015)


    • This five-year project entitled, The Language Bases for Reading Comprehension, was awarded to The Ohio State University leading a five-university consortium, originally and now 7 universities: Arizona State University, Lancaster University (United Kingdom), The Ohio State University, University of Kansas, Florida State University, Mass General and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Dr. Laura M. Justice of Ohio State University is the principal investigator.
    • The grant comprises a multidisciplinary set of studies designed to increase the fundamental understanding of the role of lower- and higher-level language skills in listening and reading comprehension, and knowledge of how to effectively increase language knowledge and comprehension skills in preschool through grade three through systematic classroom-based interventions. Project activities will span four states and involve more than 3,000 preschool to third grade children in more than 300 classrooms.

SSLIC Project – Spanish Screener for Language Impairment in Children

Restrepo, M.A.; Gorin, J. and Gray, S.

(Funded by IES, US Dept of Education, 2008 to 2012)


    • To develop a language screening measures to identify primarily Spanish-speaking children at risk of language impairment
    • For universal language screening or referred children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade
    • Based on processing and linguistic characteristics of language impairment in Spanish speakers


Restrepo, M. A. (PI) in collaboration with South West Human Development in Phoenix

(Funded by HHS, 2008-2011)(Professional Development Grant)


    • To improve oral language skills in Latino children attending Head Start at South West Human Development through professional development training of personnel
    • Use of dual language stimulation for oral language and emergent literacy skills development
    • DRIVES main techniques- Dialogic Reading, Inferencing Questioning,
    • Vocabulary Enhancement, Scaffolded Conversations, and ESL techniques.


Florez, R & Restrepo, M.A.

(Funded by Colciencias, Bogotá, Colombia, 2009-2010)


    • "Promoción de la lectura inicial" y prevención de las dificultades en la comprensión de lectura
    • Intervention for low-income 5 year olds addressing emergent literacy, vocabulary, and abstract language to prevent reading comprehension difficulties.

VALE – Vocabulary and Abstract Language Enhancement

Restrepo, M.A. & Gray, S

(Funded by IES, US Dept of Education, 2005 to 2009)


    • Intervention in Kindergarten to improve reading comprehension in bilingual Latino children
    • Develop a book reading and hands-on language intervention for Spanish-speaking kindergarten children to improve reading comprehension in 2nd and 3rd grade. Teach six tier-2 vocabulary words and 4 comprehension techniques a week
    • Compare experimental and control interventions in English-only and in bilingual conditions

VOLAR – Vocabulary and Oral Language for Academic Readiness

Gutierrez-Clellen, V. & Restrepo, M. A.

(IES, Summer 2006-2009)


  • Develop an oral language intervention for Spanish-speaking preschool children with language disorders to increase vocabulary, MLU and comprehension through literacy and hands-on activities
  • Compare experimental and control interventions in English-only and in bilingual conditions
  • Evaluate the impact of the intervention in language, academic, social, and cognitive areas