Multilingual Multicultural Program

Arizona State University’s Department of Speech and Hearing Science (SHS) has been awarded $1.2M through the U.S. Department of Education to prepare 30 bilingual speech-language pathology students to work in multilingual, multicultural settings. The grant will fund a program that provides specialized coursework and community-based clinical training in assessment and intervention for children with communication disorders who are from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Students accepted into the program will receive a partial tuition waiver and a stipend, and will receive a multilingual/multicultural specialty certificate upon program completion. The program, entitled “Preparing Intervention Specialists for Multilingual Multicultural Settings” (PrISMS), began in Fall 2016. There are four main components of the PRISMS program:

        1. Specialized Courses
        2. Capstone Project
        3. Practicum & Internship
        4. Webinars

Additionally, PRISMS scholars will present a poster on their community-based project during the Speech and Hearing Science Department Research Day held in May every year. After graduation, annual focus groups will support PRISMS alumni in maintaining and advancing their clinical skills.

For more detailed information, please see the Speech & Hearing Science Department website. The application can be found here.

Applications are due by March 22, 2018.

Faculty contacts:

Nancy Scherer, PI (Chair and Professor, Department of Speech and Hearing Science)

Laida Restrepo, Co-PI, (Professor, SHS Academic Faculty)

Kate Helms Tillery, Project Director, (Clinical Assistant Professor, SHS Clinical Faculty)